G6 Excel Bariatric Wheelchair – Self-Propelled


The G6 Excel Bariatric Wheelchair is multi-adjustable with individual tailored options allowing this chair to be modified to the individual user and is equipped with a number of important features along with a host of accessory choices. This chair is a very desirable everyday use option and accommodates those who need a few more specifications than what a basic wheelchair may provide.

  • Weight capacity 250kg
  • Strong steel frame
  • Angle and height adjustable seat in either 56cm or 61cm width
  • Swing away removable leg rests
  • Flip back and removable armrests
  • Quick release 24inch mag rear wheels with PU tyres
  • Attendant assist hand brake
  • Available with or without drum brakes
  • Reclining backrest
  • Seat belt and cushion included

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G6 Excel Bariatric Wheelchair – Self-Propelled
G6 Excel Bariatric Wheelchair - Self-Propelled $1,005.00
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The G6 is a versatile bariatric wheelchair that features a reclining back rest, attendant assist hand brakes, a height and angle adjustable seat, as well as flip-up and removable arm rests. The leg rests are removable and swing away to help ease getting in and out for the user. 

The standard brakes, along with the care assistbrakes,s give a little extra assurance to both the user and the carer. There are models with and without drum brakes to choose from.

This wheelchair model has a strong steel frame and can come in either 56 cm or 61 cm seat widths, with a great weight capacity of 250 kg.

Elevating leg rests and stump support attachments are available. Sold separately.