Can Opener – One-Touch Automatic II


  • One-touch can opener suitable for most cans between 53mm to 153mm diameter
  • Walks around the can and switches off automatically
  • Batteries Not Included
Product CodeDLG272330
Product DescriptionCan Opener – One-Touch Automatic II
  • 1 Year

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Can Opener – One-Touch Automatic II
Can Opener - One-Touch Automatic II $59.00
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The Hands-Free One-Touch Automatic Can Opener, perfect for seniors or anyone with weak hands, opens cans effortlessly. This innovative can opener can open most cans with diameters ranging from 53mm to 153mm. Operating with a one-touch mechanism, it automatically walks around the can, effortlessly removing the lid. After completing the task, the can opener switches off automatically, leaving smooth edges that make it safe and easy to remove the lid.